Food is Fuel

Food is one of those things that has one purpose, but is used for thousands of other different things. Communication, heartache, family time, ascetic appeal, worship, sickness, health, confidence, nostalgia, familiarity, homesickness, the list goes on. Food is something that cannot be separated from any persons life, it is a constant that has evolved with our species through thousands of years. So it’s understandable that we take advantage of the satisfaction food gives us and start exploiting it in other mediums. Perhaps it is having a sugar filled yummy cake to celebrate your birthday, going to a place that serves high quality food on a date, eating lots of snacks at the movies, or all coming together for a meal during thanksgiving. Over the years we have warped the reality of what food truly is; fuel for our bodies to function. Nothing more.
While some of these are necessary, as we are social animals and the easiest thing to gather and bond around is food, they do not have to be an excuse for you to eat shitty food. Eat whole food, or don’t eat it at all. We are huge proponents of both the Paleo and Keto ways of eating (we’ll do a post on which is better later), but the cut and dry of our philosophy on food is that we believe food is something that shouldn’t be thought about too much. We have so many other things to think about that can make us more insightful people, that thinking about food all day is really just slowing us down.
That’s why Mac and I eat whole foods, with a lower carb intake and high fat intake. Currently we take advantage of a state called ketosis, which is where our bodies have switched over from utilizing glucose for energy to utilizing fatty acids, specifically ketone bodies, for fuel. Eating this way, I feel full longer, have steady energy throughout the days, and can go long periods of time without eating if needed (a huge advantage if you need to work past that lunch hour or stay focused for classes during the day).
Ketosis also is very effective at oxidizing and burning off body fat, which is great if you want to look lean and athletic.
At the end of the day, even if you never utilize the ketogenic diet to fuel your body, we implore you to try cutting out wheat, gluten, sugar, and other processed foods and begin eating a diet of whole foods that you cook yourself most of the time. It’s a lot more effective and fulfilling for your health goals than any benefit you could get from driving through that Wendy’s on the way home from work.

Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for You?

The American Heart Association recently released an advisory announcing that people can reduce their risk of cardiovascular problems by replacing saturated fat with “healthier” fats in their every day diet. They emphasized the dangers of saturated fat levels in coconut oil, an oil that has been heralded as healthy by people following recent popular diets such as the Ketogenic or Paleo diets.

This “advisory” is misleading, mainly because it’s not based on any new research at all. It’s simply an analysis of around 100 studies dating back to the 1950s concluding that a diet lower in saturated fat lowers LDL cholesterol particles, which can clog the arteries and cause cardiovascular problems.

So… why is the American Heart Association declaring all of these problems with saturated fat based on conclusions that they have already made? They presented no new evidence, conducted no studies, and essentially did nothing but write an article based on the government’s research (no third party research) and promote it as something new.

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