Why Getting Up At 5am Every Morning Is Amazing

Waking up early in the morning for no immediate reason doesn’t seem to make sense at first. I went through high school always getting out of bed with what seemed like seconds to spare before the bus would be outside waiting for me. I never considered the possibility of voluntarily getting out of bed before you absolutely had to. The fumbling and rush of my past mornings is night and day compared to the thoughtfulness and relaxation of my current routine.

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The Illusion Of Adulthood

When I was young, say about seven or eight, I thought adults were geniuses. It baffled me how my dad knew how to fix the lawnmower when it stopped working. I was amazed when my mom would drive for hours on miles of roads and still be able to find her way back to our house.  “This stuff seems impossible,” I would think to myself. The way I imagined it, you were a kid till you were seventeen, and then on the night of your eighteenth birthday you went to bend and poof! You woke up an eighteen year old adult, now gifted with the knowledge on how to file taxes and work a computer. This silly idea faded as I started to age, but I still thought until recently that being an adult meant you took careful thought into all of your actions, using your years of experience to make the best possible decision for each situation you were faced with.

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  • What My Shitty Summer Job Taught Me

    What My Shitty Summer Job Taught Me