Never Go To College Undecided

When you show up for a college tour at one of the many institutions in the United States, you inevitably will hear about choosing what major to pursue. You might tour the business school, the engineering school, and the liberal arts school all in one day. There are so many paths to choose from, and you think, “I’m only 18! Why do I have to make this decision now? I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life!”

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College vs. Straight to Work: Two Paths to Financial Freedom

As you may know by now, there are two of us writing here about how we are learning to live life with guts. One of us (Alex) is going to college for a finance degree, is taking out some student loans, and is hoping to build an interesting career in the finance sector while getting out of student debt quickly and building wealth at the same time. The other (Mac) didn’t find going to college useful for what he wanted, and is now working full-time as a construction worker and is involved in starting a business of his own. He is living at home and therefore has very minimal expenses, and is making a lot of money relative to what Alex makes.

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Why Every College Student Needs a Roth IRA


Why a Roth IRA is Essential to a Student’s Portfolio

In the summer before my freshman year of college, my family threw a graduation party for my sister and I. (We’re twins.) I’m sure many of you had them too; a party to celebrate the end of high school, the beginning of a new chapter in life, and most importantly, to collect some much needed cash for the four years ahead.

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  • What My Shitty Summer Job Taught Me

    What My Shitty Summer Job Taught Me