Never Go To College Undecided

When you show up for a college tour at one of the many institutions in the United States, you inevitably will hear about choosing what major to pursue. You might tour the business school, the engineering school, and the liberal arts school all in one day. There are so many paths to choose from, and you think, “I’m only 18! Why do I have to make this decision now? I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life!”

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Why Working Out Seven Days A Weeks Will Make You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

I know I know, it’s an odd claim. When thinking about adding a workout routine to a life that is already filled with things that take up every second of our day, adding an extra job that results in sore muscles and weak legs when we already feel tired all the time seems ludicrous. Funny enough, it’s the opposite. Working out every day of the week will make impossible tasks in your life feel manageable and less stressful.
 Why Everyday?

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Anger In Our Everyday Lives

 I had just arrived at work for my construction job one day and was standing around the room we had been working on for the last week. I was looking at what we would be doing for the day while waiting for my boss to show up to tell me what he wanted done. In he walked, sunglasses on, frown on his face, and a huff in his step. “What?” I asked. ‘Those damn idiots.” he said. “Those fucking idiots. They fucked up all the door frames. Now I got to fix them, all of them. Those fucking idiots. I got shit to do man, I can’t be messing with all this. Now I got to fix it. I’m pissed off.” For the next four hours he and I went about framing and leveling door frames, my boss moaning and complaining the entire time about how much he hated doing it. I also hated working that day. It wasn’t the door frames that ruined it. My boss ruined it.

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Why Feeling Sad Makes Me Feel Alive

It’s a weird statement at first. Feeling sad is something that is viewed as a negative emotion in our society, the opposite of happiness and therefore an emotion that is ugly and should be avoided and traded for joy as much as possible. Typically when talking about sadness with others, people recommend ways to detour around feeling’s of depression and sadness with the quickest possible way back to happy feelings and good times. You hear it from all sides. Smile more, wake up enjoying life everyday, be thankful for what you have, don’t dwell on the negatives, always be looking forward, there are so many reasons to be happy, let go of the things that make you feel sad, etc… And I think this is a load of complete, harmful bullshit. Continue reading

We Can Do Anything But Not Everything

Have you ever found yourself trapped in life by “obligations” you don’t want to do, but feel like you have to? Perhaps your parents asked you to help them clean their house, or they say, “Carry this downstairs for me, thanks” without even pausing to see if you will say yes or no? If you have experienced this, as I have countless times, it means you essentially been trained to believe you don’t have a choice in doing things. This is called learned helplessness. It occurs when you have felt so long as if there is no alternative to saying “Yes” to something that you have forgotten that it’s OK to say “No”.

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College vs. Straight to Work: Two Paths to Financial Freedom

As you may know by now, there are two of us writing here about how we are learning to live life with guts. One of us (Alex) is going to college for a finance degree, is taking out some student loans, and is hoping to build an interesting career in the finance sector while getting out of student debt quickly and building wealth at the same time. The other (Mac) didn’t find going to college useful for what he wanted, and is now working full-time as a construction worker and is involved in starting a business of his own. He is living at home and therefore has very minimal expenses, and is making a lot of money relative to what Alex makes.

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Your Job Is Like A Time Machine

Life is Like a Time Machine.png

This was something I noticed awhile ago when I first starting working full time at my construction job. I would wake up at 6:00 a.m, get out of bed at 6:30, make breakfast, get dressed and leave by 7:00. I would arrive at 7:30 and the day would begin. Haul materials, screw in boards, put up drywall, sweep the floor. Stop for lunch at 12:00, start back up at 12:30, and then it all starts again.  Clean the windows, pick up plywood, fix some holes, put down some track. Before you knew it 4:30 p.m had rolled around and the day was done. Get in my car, get home by 5:00 and make dinner. Eat, take a shower, and go workout by 6:15. Lift weights, sweat, get some water from the drinking fountain. Get home at 7:30. Take another shower, have a snack, get dressed and it was 8:00. Watch some YouTube video’s, be in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10:00. Weeks would go by this way, this routine of work and home activities eating away chunks of my twenty-four hour day until every second seemed to be taken towards some activity. Routine made my life slip by in alarming chunks.

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Why Every College Student Needs a Roth IRA


Why a Roth IRA is Essential to a Student’s Portfolio

In the summer before my freshman year of college, my family threw a graduation party for my sister and I. (We’re twins.) I’m sure many of you had them too; a party to celebrate the end of high school, the beginning of a new chapter in life, and most importantly, to collect some much needed cash for the four years ahead.

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Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for You?

The American Heart Association recently released an advisory announcing that people can reduce their risk of cardiovascular problems by replacing saturated fat with “healthier” fats in their every day diet. They emphasized the dangers of saturated fat levels in coconut oil, an oil that has been heralded as healthy by people following recent popular diets such as the Ketogenic or Paleo diets.

This “advisory” is misleading, mainly because it’s not based on any new research at all. It’s simply an analysis of around 100 studies dating back to the 1950s concluding that a diet lower in saturated fat lowers LDL cholesterol particles, which can clog the arteries and cause cardiovascular problems.

So… why is the American Heart Association declaring all of these problems with saturated fat based on conclusions that they have already made? They presented no new evidence, conducted no studies, and essentially did nothing but write an article based on the government’s research (no third party research) and promote it as something new.

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Is Going to College Worth It?

What’s the Return on Investment in College?

 College is weird. Statistically, people who go to college make more money, and that’s just plain true, there’s no denying that. So we can all agree that if you’re going to work a forty hour work week like the rest of us, it only makes sense to go to college and get your degree, as you’ll simply make more money per hour than someone who only has their high school diploma or nothing at all.  So, if you can afford it/have the opportunity to, go to college as soon as possible, right? Uh…maybe? See, college in theory is a great idea. You can go to a school where you  learn about things you find interesting and also learn in-depth about a career you want to pursue, getting you ready to hit the ground running at a job that requires a couple of years of studying. The problem?

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