Anger In Our Everyday Lives

 I had just arrived at work for my construction job one day and was standing around the room we had been working on for the last week. I was looking at what we would be doing for the day while waiting for my boss to show up to tell me what he wanted done. In he walked, sunglasses on, frown on his face, and a huff in his step. “What?” I asked. ‘Those damn idiots.” he said. “Those fucking idiots. They fucked up all the door frames. Now I got to fix them, all of them. Those fucking idiots. I got shit to do man, I can’t be messing with all this. Now I got to fix it. I’m pissed off.” For the next four hours he and I went about framing and leveling door frames, my boss moaning and complaining the entire time about how much he hated doing it. I also hated working that day. It wasn’t the door frames that ruined it. My boss ruined it.

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    What My Shitty Summer Job Taught Me