Reliable People are Surprisingly Rare

One of the biggest slaps in the face for me was thinking about people I could build something with. It seems really simple. You have an idea, and you need someone reliable to help you make it a reality. It can be anything. Starting a business, going on a diet, sticking to a workout routine, anything you can think of that can involve two people. Easy. simple. You go up to a person, explain to them your idea, see if they agree of disagree, and if they agree, then boom, you’re both on your way to getting a task done. Easy right?

Oh Mac, you dumb idiot.

Actually it’s nothing like that. People have no idea what they want and will make decisions based solely on how good something sounds to them. Then they figure out it takes a lot more to get an idea done then talking about it excitedly as they sip beers on a Friday night.
Your friends always have your back, right? You need to clear snow out of a parking lot on a cold night in December and your “reliable” friend has sworn up and down that they will most definitely be there, with a shovel ready to go! Then they call you telling you their shoulder hurts and want to spend time with their girlfriend, leaving you now to spend six hours by yourself at 1 a.m trying to clear out all of the snow before people start arriving for work. Do you know how pissed off you can get when you’re busting your ass off shoveling snow, cold and tired the entire time just thinking about how if your friend wouldn’t have bailed this all could have been done in half the time? This was the catalyst, the big boom that made me step back and look at the friends and family members I had and ask one question. Out of all the people I know, which ones of them could I give a job to and know they would do it, no matter what? The list was small. Depressingly small.

       We all have problems. We all suffer, we face challenges in our lives, we all wake up and want to sleep longer, work less hours, relax a little longer. I think I’m correct in saying we can all acknowledge and know this pretty easily. The more obscure thing that not many people seem to realize? No one cares about your problems, not in the slightest. Your feel sick today? I don’t care, we need you in the office. You feel sore and don’t want to cut the grass? F*&% you, its already too long, go do it! This is a major thing that i had to learn the hard way, and I let some people down in the process. So while I understand the reason my friend decided not to show up, and I can relate to having a sore shoulder and wanting to relax a bit, there’s a lesson to be learned for me and all the rest of us who don’t know it yet. The world does not care about our problems. Its better to learn it the easy way through reading it here then when you let someone down or give up on something because you don’t feel well that day. But its not all doom and gloom. Take this piece of advice and start practicing it, little by little in your own life. When you feel too sore to workout, go do it anyways. When you feel its time to go home from work, keep working for an extra fifteen minutes. Eventually one day you and I both will be able to get as much done in a day if we didn’t get any sleep, feel sick, or are too sore to lift our legs. We can all become reliable people a bit at a time. Maybe even one day we will become real-life adults.


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