Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad for You?

The American Heart Association recently released an advisory announcing that people can reduce their risk of cardiovascular problems by replacing saturated fat with “healthier” fats in their every day diet. They emphasized the dangers of saturated fat levels in coconut oil, an oil that has been heralded as healthy by people following recent popular diets such as the Ketogenic or Paleo diets.

This “advisory” is misleading, mainly because it’s not based on any new research at all. It’s simply an analysis of around 100 studies dating back to the 1950s concluding that a diet lower in saturated fat lowers LDL cholesterol particles, which can clog the arteries and cause cardiovascular problems.

So… why is the American Heart Association declaring all of these problems with saturated fat based on conclusions that they have already made? They presented no new evidence, conducted no studies, and essentially did nothing but write an article based on the government’s research (no third party research) and promote it as something new.

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Is Going to College Worth It?

What’s the Return on Investment in College?

 College is weird. Statistically, people who go to college make more money, and that’s just plain true, there’s no denying that. So we can all agree that if you’re going to work a forty hour work week like the rest of us, it only makes sense to go to college and get your degree, as you’ll simply make more money per hour than someone who only has their high school diploma or nothing at all.  So, if you can afford it/have the opportunity to, go to college as soon as possible, right? Uh…maybe? See, college in theory is a great idea. You can go to a school where you  learn about things you find interesting and also learn in-depth about a career you want to pursue, getting you ready to hit the ground running at a job that requires a couple of years of studying. The problem?

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Reliable People are Surprisingly Rare

One of the biggest slaps in the face for me was thinking about people I could build something with. It seems really simple. You have an idea, and you need someone reliable to help you make it a reality. It can be anything. Starting a business, going on a diet, sticking to a workout routine, anything you can think of that can involve two people. Easy. simple. You go up to a person, explain to them your idea, see if they agree of disagree, and if they agree, then boom, you’re both on your way to getting a task done. Easy right?

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