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Hey there, and thanks for visiting Life With Guts! Our names are Mac and Alex – kind of like Mac and Cheese except cooler. The goal of this site is for us to help you be more mindful and intentional about life, because it passes quickly if you’re not paying attention. We will help you by sharing what we learn about personal finance, investing, fitness and diet, with a healthy dose of thoughts on why life needs to be lived with guts instead of the opposite.

Alex is a finance student at the University of Ohio State, and Mac went to the University of Cincinnati for a semester, but found that the college life wasn’t for him. We have been friends since we began playing water polo in high school, and decided to start this blog together in order to record our journey in figuring out how to take on this confusing world and kick it in the ass. We eat a lot, lift a lot, and talk together about life in order to keep us both aware of the things going on around us. Now, we’d like you to listen in and think with us about life and the slippery slope that it can be if you don’t pay attention. We don’t claim to know it all, but we believe that by documenting our thinking on how to be mindful adults in a world of people on autopilot, we can keep ourselves from looking back and wondering where the time went.


If you want to be brave and read every post from the beginning, you can go here. If you want a list of all of our posts, come on over here.

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